Papa Flavor is a music production and post-production audio company for films, televison and Broadcast. We provide experienced and caring engineers and producers in an up-to-date technological environement in order to take your projects to professional standard within the most cost-effective budget possible.

Located in the midst of the Montreal Milend area, Papa Flavor’s artistic view combined to its high quality executions  reflects well the MutliMedia creative movment that the city is well known for.


Audio & Music Production

Stéphane Carreau

216 Villeneuve Ouest

Montréal, Qc H2T 2R7


Ado, d’hier à aujourd’hui


Le defi Sonic VJ

Music Plus

Documentary - Hors serie

TV5 - 1ere saison

Short film contest - MUVMEDIA

1ere saison

Recettes en vedette- Canal Vie

1ere saison

Daily News - La Zone Coolison  

2 saisons-Vrak TV


Bell Canada - Portraits d’entreprise.

3 seasons campaign